Keeping in touch with Thinking About Suicide

If you’d like to keep in touch with the conversation at our blog, Let’s talk about suicide, you can click on the ‘Follow Blog by Email’ on the right sidebar.  You will be asked for an email address and then a message will be sent to you to confirm your request.  You will then receive emails whenever a new discussion (new post) is made to the blog – I’m not sure if you’ll receive emails for any/all comments made on posts (we’ll both learn as we proceed).

The emails you get will also have links where you can change your settings for receiving emails from the blog – not many options here, just whether you want to receive messages immediately or just a daily or weekly post of activity on the blog.

You don’t need to ‘Follow’ the blog in order to participate in our discussions.  If you want to comment on a post made on the blog then you will be asked for a name (a nickname is OK) and your email address.  Your very first comment will be moderated – i.e. require admin approval before it’s visible on the blog.  After that, the blog is not moderated so all your comments will be visible immediately.

I hope this relaxed approach will work OK so that I don’t have to moderate all comments.  Please read the ‘Blogging Guide‘ for some further guidelines on using the blog.

You can also get in touch with me directly using the ‘Contact‘ page, which will send me an email that only I will see.

I look forward  to meeting you in our blog-space, Let’s talk about suicide …


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