SUICIDOLOGY Your help: The new AAS attempt survivors blog

A breakthrough! Amazing! I’m chuffed!

The American Association of Suicidology (AAS) have started a blog on their website for suicide attempt survivors. This really is a breakthrough, the first of its kind in the world from a mainstream suicide prevention organisation. I take my hat off to Cara Anna, who is the (formidable) driving force behind this initiative, just a little over a year after creating her own blog for survivor voices…

It appears that AAS are maybe beginning to take the survivor voice seriously. If you go to the blog (link below), you’ll see they have other pages on/for survivors, which even includes a link to Suicide Anonymous.

All worth checking out… And, my fellow survivors, you may want to consider writing something for the blog… I will be…

The beginning of a new era? Let’s hope so…

Cheers – David



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