Some websites…

1. Waking Up Alive. –

Although I’m familiar with the book with this title, this organization in New Mexico is new to me. Looking at their website, they sound terrific, including how they model themselves on the Maytree Respite Centre in the UK. Gosh, we sure need more and more respite homes – refuges, sanctuaries – for suicidal people. Unfortunately, they seem to be closed at the moment due to a "hiatus" in the organisation, which sounds rather ominous. I hope they’re back open for business again soon.

2. Midnightdemon7 –

A blog by an attempt survivor that is pretty busy – lots of posts and plenty of comments from 170+ followers. The blogger (can’t see their name anywhere yet) seems pretty keen on the concept of ‘psychache’ and the work of David Jobes, which I also regard highly. I’ve subscribed (become a ‘follower) to receive notifications of updates… worth a visit, I reckon…

3. Attempted Suicide Help –

Created by Juliet Carr, initially to support people who care for a suicide attempt survivor, which is an interesting perspective – i.e. there’s lots for those grieving the death of a loved one to suicide but little or nothing for this trying to give support to attempt survivors. But Juliet soon realised that she could not ignore the survivors themselves. It’s still fairly new, and looks pretty mainstream in many ways, but worth watching, methinks.

The pity is, of course, that these are all in the US. Is this because there’s more happening there, or are they just more entrepreneurial and cyber-savvy than others? I’d love to hear of any other people, organisations or websites of interest, especially non-US ones.


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