Beware – these people exist

I rarely meet people with these views, or see their poisonous literature, but you sort of know they’re out there and still influencing the toxic culture we have around suicide.

Just imagine if you were suicidal and found yourself in the "care" of someone who regarded suicide as a "direct offense against God", "a gravely evil choice" and “a gravely immoral act".

I really believe that doctors, counsellors and other therapists that we might encounter during suicidal times should be legally obliged to disclose any religious views they have about suicide. Such hateful, ideological prejudices are really dangerous, just like similar ones that regard homosexuality as evil and immoral.

Yes, it’s 2013 but we still need to beware that these scary people exist …

Take care…

PS And why aren’t the suicide prevention "experts" speaking out against such hateful, dangerous people? These views aren’t from some anonymous Twitter rant, they’re published in a "respectable" journal speaking to the American Catholic community. They claim a readership of 100,000+ and this article got over 140 Facebook ‘Likes’.


One thought on “Beware – these people exist

  1. When will people learn. Suicide is personal. No one can stop a person who has set the plan in motion. There are people that are proud they talked a friend out of suicide. They just wanted to be caught. They needed someone to talk to. I don’t talk to my friends. I don’t have many. Night time blogging can be difficult after bedtime meds. Telling someone I feel suicide gets you immediate slab ob meat care. They are helping you because they are paid to. As I said these people are looking for friends and will use this extreme circumstance. For me I want to leave everything job, wife, everything. Drive west to a quiet town. Start over again. New name…….change everything in my past. My parents are dead to me. That’s what I think about while I look out the window of my kitchen all day long……the people. You can’t save are the ones that are already dead.
    Death are the conversations you don’t hear anymore…it’s being able drive to work and remember how you got there….death is close when sleep is gone…and the guilt is real.

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