MPD advocates suicide prevention, issues gun locks

Amidst all the noise and nonsense in the US about gun control and "mental illness", here’s a breath of fresh air… a sensible, moderate and cost-effective program to reduce gun deaths.

Not the full answer, of course, but a sensible and practical focus on the reality that most gun deaths are suicides – as opposed to the hype and panic around "mentally ill" mass murderers.

I believe some other states/counties in the US are also providing free gun locks… I dips me lid to you all for these occasional moments of sanity…


One thought on “MPD advocates suicide prevention, issues gun locks

  1. Dear David Webb,

    I’m glad I found you at MadinAmerica.
    Your work is great and I want to congratulate you and thank you for your work.
    I had drug-induced suicide ideation and I don’t know if suicide prevention deal with this problem. I’m sure you know about
    suicidal ideation caused by antidepressants SSRIs that is taking the life of many and even has increased the suicide rate among soldiers.
    I wrote a post about one of my drug-induced suicidal ideation and I’ll leave the in case someone is in this situation but is not sure if it is from the drug or a real desire.
    Yes, there is a lot to discuss about suicide. Thanks for break the silence in such a realistic way.

    Drug-induced suicide attempt: how to differentiate real suicide from drug-induced

    Please, if you’re taking antidepressants and have feels suicidal, please, speak to someone about it,

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