About Library

About the Library

Here you’ll find my other (non-academic) writings and also a few radio and video interviews I’ve done. Then, you’ll find two libraries that relate to my work – both academic and non-academic (which I continue to call ‘activist’).

Once again, the distinction here between academic and activist is sometimes rather artificial or blurred.  Some entries could be placed in either or both categories. But I still find it a useful distinction most of the time so my hope is that it’s helpful for you too.

These libraries do not attempt to be exhaustive. Rather, I try to play a curator role as a guide to the most interesting, important or otherwise relevant references and sources for the key themes of my work (as outlined in the Activism section). Mostly, these are from fellow dissenting voices or other psychiatric survivors. But I do include some references to sources of the status quo thinking, especially in regard to Suicidology. We must, after all, be familiar with the ideas that we criticise.

Each library has two sub-sections – first comes authors, followed by websites, which has links to organisations, journals and other online resources. Entries are listed alphabetically, but I will try to indicate those I recommend most highly (somehow).

Expect these libraries to grow and change over time, which will be announced in the blog as this occurs.

Happy reading … there’s some truly great ideas, authors and inspiration to be found here …