About the Website

About the Website

Thinking About Suicide is a book about what I’ve learned from surviving my own suicidal times – find out more about the book here.  This website is a companion to that book and a space for a new conversation on suicide, a space for talking about suicide differently.

Both the book and the website are authored by David Webb – find out more about me here.

Aim and purpose

The public discourse about suicide is currently poisoned by taboo, prejudice and fear – when it’s spoken about at all, that is.  Many people are hungry for a different conversation about suicide.

The aim and purpose of the website is to encourage and create a space for  this different conversation about suicide, primarily through our blog, called Let’s talk about suicide on the menu above.  This space invites you to think differently about suicide – and then, let’s talk about it.

What you’ll find here…

Along with information about the book (though not the book itself), you’ll find here information and resources that I hope will help stimulate, and perhaps challenge, your own thinking about suicide.  These are organised under the main sections that you see on the menu bar – i.e. …

  • the academic research behind the book (i.e. the PhD that the book was part of)
  • the activism section is about the other work I’ve done during and since the PhD, which I call ‘activism’ to distinguish it from the ‘academic’
  • a library of resources that can help us think differently about suicide
  • the Hot Stuff is my shortlist of highly recommended sources and resources
  • contact page where you can send me an email
  • blog where we can talk about suicide

What you will not  find here…

I have neither the expertise nor the desire to be anyone’s counsellor or any other kind of ‘therapist’.  So if that’s what you’re looking for, I wish you luck, but this is not the place where you’ll find this sort of resource.

If you are currently actively suicidal, please don’t feel put off by this.  You are very welcome here – indeed, you are the “most precious audience that I seek”.  But the space here is for a person-to-person conversation among equals, rather than the lop-sided expert/patient discussion that many of us feel is unhelpful and often dangerous.

You will also not find here advice or simple solutions for living with suicidal feelings.  Like the book, “this is not a self-help [website] with a ‘cure’ for suicidal thoughts and feelings in seven easy steps”.  Rather, it will be a space where living with suicidal feelings will be respected and honoured as significant and special, even sacred.