How to get a copy

How to get a copy

In the UK

The book is published by PCCS Books, good bless ’em, and can be purchased from them through their website … unless you’re in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji or Papua New Guinea, in which case you need to go to …

In Australia

The book is distributed in Australia by Footprint Books and can be purchased directly through them at their website.

In Melbourne, the fabulous Human Condition Bookshop in Kew usually has it in stock, and can be purchased over the counter (do visit them if you can) or through their website.

The US and elsewhere…

… you’ll need to use good ol’ Amazon

There’s also Amazon UK.  Here they have the ‘Look Inside’ feature for you to have a peek inside before you buy … but it won’t give you more than what you’ll find in Selected Extracts here.