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Richard Eckersley

I mentioned, and quoted, Richard Eckersley in About Activism, which is worth repeating here:

* I can’t recommend Eckersley’s work strongly enough. He’s actually primarily an epidemiologist but he can make dry old statistics sing with a resonance that makes for compelling reading. The paper quoted above is ‘Nihilism, fundamentalism, or activism: Three responses to fears of the Apocalypse‘ (The Futurist, vol. 42, no. 1, Jan-Feb, 2008, pp. 35-39. You’ll find plenty more, all worth reading, at his website

I’ll just add that he doesn’t shy away from talking about suicide – indeed it has a chapter in his   book Well & Good: Morality, Meaning and Happiness, and is the topic of some of his papers. And good though his book is, I think I prefer his papers, which he divides into “scientific” and “popular” – though I think I prefer my academic/activism taxonomy (with a little help from Richard). One of the few and most intelligent voices talking about suicide.

Dave Harper,

David Healy

Gail Hornstein – Agnes’s Jacket

David Jobes (et al)

DeQuincy Lezine

Ian Marsh

Joanna Moncrieff – De-Medicalizing Misery

Thomas Nagel

John Read

Bob Sapey


John Swinton – Spirituality and Mental Health Care

David Tacey

Colin Tatz

Philip Thomas

Varela (et al)



Hawton, Maris, Maltsberger etc etc … why bother?

Websites – organisations, online journals/references/resources


Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

The Aeschi Group

The Aeschi Working Group
The therapeutic approach to the suicidal patient:   New perspectives for health professionals

Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention

Griffiths Uni … Diego de Leo … also their Master of Suicidology

DE LEO D: Turning Points. An extraordinary Journey into the Suicidal Mind. Australian Academic Press, Brisbane, 2010.

Living is for Everyone (LiFE)




Suicidology Online

Suicidology Online (SOL) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal for researchers, policy makers and the public in the thematic field of Suicide Research.