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Reviews, Commentaries etc.


‘Why silence is not an option’ – The Age, April 20, 2003

This pre-dates the book and is noteworthy primarily as my very first appearance in the media. OK, big deal, the real reason this is noteworthy is the dog, who is still with us, though getting a bit long in the tooth these days (like me). His name is … wait for it … Lancelot (don’t blame me). (This article may disappear as newspapers these days start putting their archives behind nasty pay-walls … )


Review in Therapy Today (UK)

Review in New Paradigm

By the way, I do not consider “spiritual self-inquiry being the key to defining the sense of self”.  It was for me, but I do not assume this to be the case for everyone.

Review by Mary O’Hagan

Mary is a pioneer of the psychiatric survivor movement, an inspiration, and a terrific comrade and friend.

 Speech by Helen Szoke at Aussie launch of the book.

Helen Szoke was, at this time, the  Commissioner of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, where I was a member of their Disability Reference Group. Helen kindly agreed to hold a launch of the book and, even more kindly, made this short speech at the launch.


‘Eltham author opens up on suicide’

A short article in the local newspaper (when I still lived in Eltham) with a spooky photo of the archetypal suicidal person … woops, that’s me!

More importantly, it announces a very special event for me.  Held at Montsalvat and hosted by Morag Fraser, it was promoted as a “very special conversation with David Webb” that “calls for a broad community conversation on suicide to bring it out of the closet as a public health issue, a conversation that needs to hear from people who know suicidal feelings ‘from the inside'”. I was delighted that Michael Dudley, the Chair of Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA), accepted my invitation to be part of this conversation. Morag did a great job leading it, and I think went down pretty well with the 50+ people who came along and took part. And special thanks to Meera at the Eltham Bookshop and everyone at Montsalvat for making it all possible.


Review (and more) at recoverynetwork:Toronto

A delightful review from a fellow survivor … yes, we can laugh about this stuff …

‘On Dave and death’

I was at school with Dick Gross a million years ago. He now has a regular blog at The Age newspaper where, as an avowed and determined atheist, he indulges and explores his fascination with all things spiritual. Don’t believe everything he says, such as my “gorgeous bod” (well, maybe when I was 17) or “a hit with the girls” (never, I’m afraid, but not for want of trying). This blog generated over 600 responses, which is a lot  even for Dick, I think – though many seem to use the space as their own soapbox rather than responding to what Dick actually wrote. (Once again, this link may disappear behind a pay-wall sometime.)