Selected Extracts

Selected Extracts

Here’s some extracts from the book to tease you into rushing out to buy a copy …

Note that these are from the published version of the book, not the version that was part of my PhD thesis. Revising the manuscript for commercial publication required me to cull quite a lot of words from original, which I must (reluctantly) admit was worthwhile even though it agonising for me at the time. This also gave me the opportunity to revise some sections of the text, mainly in the commentaries, so that the published version is not only more up to date (2010 rather than 2005), it probably reflects more of the ‘activism’ of those years following the completion on the PhD.

Copyright page

Foreword: Valerie Walkerdine

Preface: Let’s Talk About Suicide

Chapter 1 – My Suicidal Career and Other Myths

Further Reading

This is the Further Reading as published in the book (i.e. not the PhD version), which is included, updated and expanded upon further in the Library section of the website.


This is different to the acknowledgements in the Exegesis – some overlap, but different.

I’m happy to receive any comments or thoughts you have on these extracts – or on any part of the book for that matter, if you have a copy – which you can do through the Contact page. Likewise, I’m happy to open a discussion thread at our blog – Let’s talk about suicide – if there’s an issue or topic you’d like to explore there.