The Hot Stuff

The Hot Stuff

Here you’ll find my personal ‘blogroll’ of the Hot Stuff – i.e. my very short and very personal list of the most important voices making major contributions to a new conversation about suicide and related issues.

Talking about suicide

Journalist and suicide survivor Cara Anna created this website to give voice to the stories of other suicide survivors. Hooray! At last!

Mad in America

This website emerged out of Bob Whitaker’s ground-breaking book Anatomy of an Epidemic, which I can give no higher praise than it was the most important book published in this field in 2010 – yup, even more important than mine <shucks>. Now, the madinamerica website is a honeypot for bringing people together to further the discourse on mad politics.


What an acronym! The Australian Mental Health Human Rights and Law Reform Coalition is the creation of the indomitable and inspirational Greg Oke. Using Facebook to build this Coalition, for me they represent the only genuine, radical voice in mental in Australia today. Please get on board – international supporters are welcome.


The Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry is where you’ll find Tina Minkowitz and her extraordinary work on human rights advocacy. Tina, a lawyer and psychiatric survivor herself, has been a pioneer in articulating and campaigning for the legal recognition of psychiatric survivors on an equal


David Oaks is one of the pioneers of the psychiatric survivors movement, which we can also call the ‘mad movement’ or, as David might call it, Mad Pride or Mad Culture. Created by David over 30 years ago, MindFreedom continues to playing a leading role in the campaign for the rights of people lasbelled as ‘mentall ill’.

Peter Lehmann

Peter Lehmann is a writer and publisher in Berlin, and a pioneer of the European antipsychiatry movement. Two of the most important reference books for our movement, Coming off Psychiatric Drugs and Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry, are Peter’s work and published by (and available through) his publishing house, Peter Lehmann Publishing. Peter is also a dear personal friend who gave me great guidance when I first got involved in activism.

Asylum magazine

A very special journal that describes itself as “An International Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry, Psychology and Community Development”. A terrific blend of first-person as well as scholarly expertise, compelling personal stories, poetry and artwork … and some of my favourite people in the UK on the editorial collective. You can subscribe to it at the link above for either the printed version or the online one (cheaper and also quicker for non-EU residents).